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The Role of The Tall Toastmaster

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Arrival to venue

I arrive at the venue in plenty of time so I can build a nice rapport with the hotel staff and make sure I have a good understanding of how they work. I ask if they need any help with anything before it all starts and I go through timings for the day with the person in charge. , I introduce myself to and offer any help to the photographer/videographer if they haven't been to the venue before and plan what they later in the day. I know which rooms are being used for which part of the day.


Civil Ceremony

I introduce myself to the registrars when they arrive and ask them what they would like me to do during the ceremony. Introduce the groom/bride and their best man to the registrars and confirm when they would like to talk to them before it all starts. I introduce myself to the ushers and see if they need any help with buttonholes, ties, or hankies! (This happens a lot!) Go through the seating plan with the ushers and also indicate what their role will be for the day.


Arrival Drinks

I arrange the arrival drink for the happy couple after the ceremony. I make sure I know where to guide the guests to for the arrival drinks and also for the photographer. I assist the photographer with the group shots and, if required, I announce the confetti shot/bouquet throw or large group shot. I arrange with the venue for the couple to have their own canapé plate if canapés have been ordered. I always make sure they have a drink if they would like one. I answer any questions that the guests have.

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Wedding Breakfast

First of all, I ask the couple if they would like to see the room before everyone goes in. When the room is ready I will call them in and arrange the receiving line if they are having one. I will organize any music being played when they enter the room. Once the wedding party are seated the speeches will be introduced, unless there are after-dinner speeches. I will say ‘Grace’ if this is required. I inform the guests about the bell for the bride/groom so they know what it's for. The bell is there in case the couple needs to speak to me at any point, or just wants a top-up! It's just a bit of fun and the guests seem to like it. I will arrange the cutting of the cake. 

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Just before I introduce the speeches I will check if they have any presents to hand out. When they are ready to start speeches it's always a good idea to inform the guests five minutes before to make sure everyone is aware when they are going to start. I always check with the venue that they have a microphone to use and also see if the videographer needs to set up their microphone and speakers before we start! Sometimes they need to change the lapel microphone for each speaker so I check first. Before we start I always make sure the order of speakers and also if they would want to use a microphone? Depending on numbers I always guide them if they need to use it or not.

For each speaker, I would introduce them before they start and get the guests to make some noise to cheer them on. At the end of the speeches, I would make it clear what's going to happen next and inform them where to go.


Evening reception

Once the meal and speeches have finished I will call all the guests out of the room to the bar area. At this point sometimes the photographer takes the Couple out for more pictures so it's just making sure they are happy and I will then check with the venue if they need any help on turning the room around for evening celebrations. Once the main room is ready I make sure that the suppliers that are attending are in the right spot before I call guests back in and to make sure that the Couple are not near the main door just in case they accidentally start a receiving line which could take a long time with the extra guest's in the evening! If they haven't cut the cake in the daytime, I organize this to happen just before the first dance. I make sure they are in the right spot at the right time before the DJ announces them both and guide them out to cut the cake and lead them to do the first dance!

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