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"We were advised to have a toastmaster on our big day and without a doubt that was brilliant advice that we will now continue to share. When looking for your ideal toastmaster I fail to see how you could do better than the Tall Toastmaster. He visited us a few days before our wedding and within minutes we both felt a warming reassurance that there was a suave professional with the elegance, expertise, and presence to make sure the day flows as planned. Lots of things happened on the day but the toastmaster was ever-present guiding the groomsmen, supporting the bridesmaids, facilitating for the cameraman, co-ordinating times with the venue, making sure we had a drink and were served canapes, etc., and all this behind the scenes whilst the front of house smartly bringing a commanding sophistication to proceedings; Making sure guests knew what was happening and where they needed to be and when they needed to be there. Do not get married without a toastmaster and if the tall toastmaster is available do not get married without him!!! Sam & Paul x "

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