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Question & Answers

What exactly does a Toastmaster do at a wedding?

Having a Toastmaster at your wedding means that everything should go like clockwork! Having some one to look after you for most of the day who is independent to the venue has a massive impact. We can resolve problems before they become one, as we are focused on how the day runs and we also connect with all the other suppliers to work as a team for the couple. At the end of the day if everything goes smoothly and everyone is happy! The Toastmaster has done their job!

List of some of the duties below.


  • Welcome guests to the venue.

  • Make sure the groomsmen are present and dressed correctly.

  • Co-ordinated with venue and suppliers making sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Look after the bride and groom and their guests throughout the day.

  • Assist the photographer with any group shoots.

  • Make any announcements that are required.

  • Announce the couple into the room.

  • Look after the top table during the meal service.

  • Introduce speeches, cake cutting and first dance.

  • Be part of the day and make the guests feel relaxed and having a good time.

  • Be the problem solver!

Most venue's offer a master of ceremonies within their packages. Can you explain the difference between a master of ceremonies and a professional toastmaster like you? 

In most cases the venue offers a duty manager that takes on the role of “toastmaster” on the day of the wedding. However, do remember that it’s a member of staff employed by the Hotel, their attention and duties may not be always be with you and they will have many other things to think about, for example a separate bar, restaurant, and rooms to look after.  I have a lot of experience and my priority is always my couple’s and their guest’s. When we have the meeting we discuss what is most important to the couple on their wedding day and I will ensure everything runs like clockwork.

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